Rug Repair and Restoration


restoration-pageWith over 80 years and three generations of experience, Silk Road Gallery Rugs offers expert restoration of your new, antique Persian and oriental rugs. A genuine hand knotted Oriental rug will last a very long time if you take a few precautions to protect it from premature wear and the most common kinds of damage. Common problems include water damage, moth damage, dog chews and cat scratching, pet stains, vacuum cleaner damage, chemical damage, sun damage, and uneven wear.

Our repairing services  includes:

  • Reweaving
  • Fringe repairing & replacement
  • Repairing scratches from pets
  • Hand re-edging
  • Fire and water damage restoration
  • Stain removal

Our expert technicians hand-treat each rug to ensure your rugs maintain perfect color and luster for generations to come.

Want to schedule an appointment for pick-up and delivery for your Oriental rug or cleaning and repair? Please call us at (269) 382-2288.

Edges, Warps, Fringes, Tassels & Edges:

In addition to hand rug washing, it is important to keep the edges or sides of the Persian rug intact. If the binding begins to unravel, you will eventually lose the corners and finally the sides of the rug. As the binding is foundation support for the wefts of your Persian rugs. This loss makes a big impact on the value of the Persian/hand-made rug, because once you begin to lose the body, you are facing hand-made rug restoration rather than just hand Persian cleaning maintenance.

The binding should cover the original side cord of the rug. On some pieces, this is a single wrap, while on others it is a double or triple wrap done in a ‘figure 8′ stitch with wool or occasionally cotton in Chinese rugs. The process should never be done by machine because the nylon thread that is ordinarily used is stronger than the Persian rug and will cause it to tear. Machine binding also doesn’t go far enough into the body of the Persian rug to protect it, not to mention it will ruin it’s hand made level of quality and intricacy.

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Warps (Fringe or Tassels):

Many people do not realize that the original fringe is actually part of the warp foundation of the Persian rug. It is important never to sew artificial or pre-made fringes to your hand knotted Persian rug. When the fringe begins to wear off or get chewed up, it needs to be cared for, because further deterioration will lead to loss of the body of the Persian rug. Another improper technique that is still begin used today as a correct care measure involves having the ends trimmed and putting on a tight overcast stitch. This is a stitch that is invisible from the surface of the hand-made rug, but goes through the foundation to hold the end together. Again this is improper techinique, all that is needed is the zangir cord. That is native to the rug and is what needs to be repaired. The cost in in-expensive, and easy. If you like the long look fringe we can re-weave the zangir plane, and the warps for you too.

Flood Damage:

If you have experienced a flood or a water leak in your home, your area rugs may have sustained water damage and will need immediate restoration. Depending on the type of flood and damage sustained, your carpet may be returned to its original condition without worry to yours or your family’s health.  At Silk Road Gallery of Fine Persian Carpets, we will take the utmost care and attention to bring your area rug back to its original beauty.

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