Cleaning Your Rugs

If properly cared for, your fine handmade rug should last a lifetime. Although prevention is the best medicine, professional rug cleaning is indespensible for maximum enjoyment and preservation of your oriental or antique rugs.

Rug Cleaning


With over 80 years and three generations of experience, Silk Road Gallery of Fine Persian Carpets Rugs offers cleaning of your new, antique Persian and oriental rugs. Keep your rug in meticulous condition with one of the many services offered within our top of the line cleaning facilities. Our expert technician’s hand-treat each rug to ensure your rugs maintains perfect color and luster condition, for generations to come.

Our Cleaning services  includes:

  • Hand Cleaning (Most recommended)
  • Moth Proofing
  • Stain & Order Removal (Enzyme cleaning)
  • Professional Consultant for Insurance (Over 80 years of knowledge)
  • Mold Removal
  • Padding
  • Certified Appraisal

How to Keep Your Rug Looking Great for Years to Come

The exquisite beauty of the handmade carpet make it one of the world’s treasures. If properly cared for, your rug can last for generations and be an endless source of pleasure in your home.  Here are a few basics to ensure your rug is afforded the best protection: Have Your Rug Professionally Washed.

Why Wash Your Rugs?

Oriental rug experts agree: the proper way to clean a rug is by hand, in water, without harmful chemicals and machines. This hand cleaning is the same method used for thousands of years. It is time consuming, but preserves these beautiful works of art and is thus worth the time and effort. Continued use of a carpet that contains common household soils and grit accelerates the wear of the carpet by literally cutting the fibers and encouraging mildew and pests. In-home surface cleaning of these carpets does not remove the particles from the foundation of the carpet, and is not recommended nor endorsed by any authority on oriental rugs. Washing your treasured handmade rugs is the best protection you can give them. Careful washing will save your rugs from destruction by accumulated dust, lint, dirt and sand.