Four Generations of Oriental and Persian Rug Experts

Silk Road Gallery Rugs has been in the Haghshenas family for more than one hundred years. A member of our family’s fourth generation and current owner, Moe Haghshenas, began working in the family business in Isfahan, Iran, when he was only 13. In 1974 he moved to Portage, Michigan and later opened the Portage store with his wife Deb. For more than 35 years, Moe and Deb Haghshenas have cultivated a reputation for excellence, based on their dedication to both their artisan vendors and their loyal clients in Southwest Michigan.

Silk Road Gallery Rugs has hundreds of handmade rugs on display, and each rug has been hand selected by us. We are committed to only carrying the finest Persian and oriental rugs. We personally search through hundreds of rugs before selecting even one to be displayed in our gallery. We also possess an unparalleled knowledge of every rug we carry. Based on the diversity of each region’s weave, patterns and colors, plus our close relationships with the artists, we know the origin of each rug we carry and the details of its history.

We are highly trained and are delighted to do the legwork for our clients to ensure you get only the highest quality products. Our beautifully lit gallery presents the most exquisite handmade rugs, making it a very welcoming environment. You will find rugs that are new, semi-antique, or even antique. We carry a selection of rugs that ranges from dainty doormats, to grand palace-sized pieces.

We want to make your buying experience as pleasurable as possible. It is important to us to help customers pick out a handmade rug that will work with their decor and hold up over a lifetime of use. We also feel that it is important that the customer understands what factors make the rug valuable. We have found that the more the customer knows about the rugs they purchase, the more they appreciate them!

“The more you know about rugs, the more our rugs stand out for their quality and beauty.” – Moe Haghshenas

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